Clinic and equipment we use

The Lecznica MAK-MED clinic is located just outside Warsaw (20 minutes by car from the Center) in a quiet, green part of Nadarzyn. We have very good communication with larger cities. We have doctors' offices, a treatment room, a spacious waiting room and social facilities for patients, staff and Monitors. In the office part, we have rooms for Monitors and an archive for storing medical records. The rooms for storing medicines are equipped with modern, lockable refrigerators, lockable medicine cabinets and each room is air-conditioned. For research with unblinded team, we have a separate drug preparation room for unblinded personel.

Wi-Fi is available for patients and Monitors at the clinic. We also have the necessary office equipment, such as computers, copiers, printers, scanners and fax.
We have the necessary specialist equipment to conduct clinical trials:

  • modern refrigerators (MedLine) for storing the tested drug
  • refrigerator for storing biological material samples
  • -20oC and -70oC freezers for storing frozen samples
  • min/max thermometers and loggers for constant monitoring of temperature, drugs and stored samples
  • refrigerated and non-refrigerated centrifuges for processing blood samples
  • incubators for incubating blood
  • ECG machine
  • blood pressure measuring devices
  • thermometers to measure body temperature
  • legalized scales with a height indicator
  • a defibrillator and a resuscitation and anti-shock set
  • medical oxygen
  • infusion pumps
  • pulse oximeters

Each of the devices undergoes an annual technical inspection by a qualified company, and the result of the inspection is documented in the technical passport of the device.

Thanks to close cooperation and contracts with our partners, we also have the possibility of modern diagnostics, such as:

  • digital X-ray
  • computed tomography
  • magnetic resonance imaging
  • echocardiography
  • ultrasound
  • spirometry
  • densitometry
  • laboratory diagnostics
  • specialist consultations



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